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Volatile x Halestorm Skateboards is the skateboard brand launched in 2023 by Volatile Skateboards and the Pennsylvania-based rock band Halestorm. Fronted by sibling duo Lzzy and Arejay Hale, Halestorm wanted to share their love of skateboarding culture with fans through a unique product collaboration.  


The brand offers skateboard decks featuring Halestorm's signature artwork from their new album Back From The Dead and logos designed by the band members. Each deck showcases visuals tied to the new Halestorm album. Halestorm Skateboards aims to reflect the band's high-energy spirit and metal/punk aesthetic.


In keeping with their DIY ethos, Halestorm handles much of the brand creative themselves from graphics to social media content. In addition to decks, the brand produces branded finger boards with the potential to expand to add wheels, grip tape and other components.

Halestorm Skateboards represents the band's commitment to connecting with fans beyond music. The brand allows Halestorm to support the skate community while adding their unique take on skateboard culture. For music and skating fans alike, Halestorm Skateboards is the perfect fusion of art, self-expression and street style.

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