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VSB Wall Hangers.png

VOLATILE SKATEBOARDS is proud to announce the launch of the VOLATILE VSB SERIES decks, a more affordable alternative for "wall hanging" and display.


Developed with the modern "wall hanger" collector in mind, VSB Series decks will offer the same great look and graphics of a Pro Model deck, constructed of 7 ply Chinese Birch to offer a more affordable option which will be a game-changer for "Wall Hanging" collectors. Only available in size 8.0 with the old school truck pattern.


VSB series decks is available direct from VOLATILE SKATEBOARDS, and from Music and Lifestyle retail.


DIsclaimer: The VSB series are not PRO MODEL decks, they are intended for "wall hanging"/display, and are not intended to withstand the rigors of aggressive or advanced skateboarding. Thrash at your own risk. 

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