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Katie merz
Play Bklyn
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Play Austin
Play Austin White Tee mock.png
Play Austin black Tee mock.png
Play Austin Skateboard Deck.png

Katie’s work and style originated in murals scattered across New York City on exterior and interior walls in public and commercial buildings and spaces. The art featured in these designs are inspired by each neighborhood’s architecture, history and culture and the emotions evoked from an active day, living and playing hard, in these first boards, on the streets of Greenpoint, Brooklyn and Downtown Austin, TX.

Katie is a lifelong and passionate resident of Brooklyn who grew up in a family of pioneering architects, and an award-winning artist best known for large scale murals and professor of drawing at the renowned Cooper Union School of Fine Art.  Her spontaneous murals comprise densely sandwiched glyphs and words in wild orientations, depicting local themes and icons, often relating to the history and culture of the location. They echo both traditional graffiti and the friezes of classical public buildings. This same art has now been commissioned by numerous restaurants, coffee shops, gyms and dance studios, retail showrooms, workspaces and offices.
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