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Rikki Rockett

Poison drummer Rikki Rockett has always been the "cool skater dude" in the Glam Hard Rock World, all the way back to the 1980s. Rikki was also one of the "mainstream" Rock personalities who helped bring skateboarding to the masses, with his ties to Vision, Vision Street Wear, and John Grigley.

(In fact, some of us have stories about casual skate sessions with him behind arenas in the 80s.)

So we thought what cooler way to honor the "cool skater dude" legacy, than with his own Pro Model Rikki Rockett deck! 


While Rikki might not skate anymore, with killer old school graphics by the legendary Tanner Goldbeck (inspired by Rikki's love of drums, tikis and the paranormal) the Volatile Skateboards Rikki Rockett 'Slime Tiki' will make you want to.


Perfect for hanging on the wall, or all-out thrashing. You want action?


Pre-order yours today

Rikki Rockett Slime Tiki
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