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When speaking of iconic, influential LA Metal bands, it would be nearly impossible to have that conversation without at least mentioning ODIN.


Since forming in the early 80's, ODIN became one of the top draws on the Strip, and the darlings of the Hollywood Metal scene, leading to their unforgettable appearance in the seminal documentary Decline of Civilization Part 2: The Metal Years.


While ODIN is mostly defunct, and the occasional sold out reunion show, and the members have since gone on to play in other notable SoCal bands, guitarist Jeff Duncan in Armored Saint, and drummer Shawn Duncan currently manning the kit in LA Guns, the glory days of Odin stand as a testament to the energy, fun, and debauchery of the classic Sunset Strip. And leather chaps. 


We are proud to announce the VOLATILE X ODIN collection, our latest collaboration with the mighty ODIN (Odin! Odin!), including a killer limited edition deck featuring the artwork from their classic LP Don't Take No For An Answer (recently reissued on LP for the first time in over 30 years), as well as exclusive apparel drops worthy of the Gods themselves. 

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